English (Reading & Writing)

NEW: Miss Tyrer's Reading Challenge - (01.06.20)

Hi, 6PB and 6LT! Over the next few weeks, I would love for you all to complete my 'The Explorer' reading challenge!

First, open the powerpoint (labelled Miss Tyrer's Reading Challenge - The Explorer: PowerPoint). Complete the prediction based on the front cover, and then clarify your understanding of the vocabulary in Chapter 1 before reading it (file labelled Miss Tyrer's Reading Challenge - The Explorer: Extract). Then, answer the questions and check your answers before repeating the process for Chapter 2: The Green Dark! When you have finished both the chapters, there are different writing challenges that you can then complete (with templates where applicable). Please share your writing challenges with Mr Bull and I through the class twitters and emails!



I really hope you like the text I have chosen for you all. If you enjoy 'The Explorer', I will continue to add chapters and questions based on the book. 

Happy learning!

Miss Tyrer  smiley


Home Learning Tasks (18/05/2020)

We hope you are all doing really well - we miss you all! Please remember you can email any of work to our class emails or post it on twitter - we would love to give you some feedback!








We have looked at the work on the Oak National Academy website and we think it is all fantastic!

Over the next two weeks, we would love for you to follow the link below and have a look at the lessons they are offering for English (both reading and writing).


You can even look back at previous units set on the website from past weeks, and each week has a focus text type to investigate. For example, Week 1’s focus was newspapers.

As you are at home, a week of lessons on the website may take you 2 - 3 weeks to complete, but that is absolutely fine! Just keep trying your best J.

If you cannot - or do not wish to - access the Oak Academy, we have added various, exciting Pobble writing activities (labelled 18.5.20 NEW: Writing) that you could complete! Each Pobble picture has a range of tasks to choose from that can be completed over a number of days. There are also two additional reading activities (labelled 18.5.20). Please note that with the Captain Tom reading comprehension you must choose the level of challenge -1 star up to 3 stars. 

Stay safe!

Miss Tyrer and Mr Bull


Please continue to encourage your child to read every day. This is one of the most important things they can do. For free online books go to https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page.

Additionally, all Y6 children have a ReadTheory login, and it would be great for children to use the website whilst at home: https://readtheory.org/auth/login

Note: Every 2 weeks, some of the work previously set will be removed to make new learning clear. Please download the relevant answer sheet at the same time as the worksheet. 

Files to Download