Year 5 2021 - 2022

Mrs O'Hara 5RO

Mrs O'Hara 5RO

Hi! I am Mrs O'Hara and I have been working at Woodlands Primary School for eight years now. I am the Science Co-Ordinator across the school and love to do lots of experiments to learn more about the world we live in. I also enjoy reading and history as these were my favourite subjects when I was at school. I have lots of exciting topics ready for you to learn this year including Space, Vikings and 'Mountains rock, Rivers roll!'

When I am not in school, I am usually reading a good book on my kindle with a coffee and cake, running around after my three lovely nephews or doing some shopping at Cheshire Oaks! I also like to spend as much time as I can visiting my family and friends.

Miss Shepherd 5BS
Miss Shepherd 5BS
Miss Shepherd 5BS

Miss Shepherd 5BS

Hi I’m Miss Shepherd and I’m extremely excited to be your Year 5 teacher at Woodlands Primary School this coming school year. Although this is my first-year teaching at the school, I have the benefit of some experience of working here which means I know that we have fantastic pupils and teachers.

In this coming year, other than core subjects, we will be working on topics such as: Space and The Vikings, with Vikings very much in our history and Space very much in our future.

When I’m not in school I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and my cavapoo Cleo. I have a love of baking and enjoy eating what I have baked even more!!

We are going to work hard but at the same time I’m sure we will have an enjoyable year together.

Let’s adopt the Shepherd family motto “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Bring it on 5BS!

Miss Holgate  5OH
Miss Holgate  5OH

Miss Holgate 5OH

Hello! I am Miss Holgate and this will be my second year at Woodlands Primary School. I am really excited to be your Year 5 teacher for September; I know we will have a fantastic time together!
I am passionate about literacy, history and art and design. I am extremely excited to be learning about my favourite aspect of history together: The Vikings!
When I am not in school, I enjoy baking, sewing, interior design (I am a big Pinterest fan!) and anything crafty! At weekends, you will usually find me taking my cockapoo Woodie on adventures, mountain biking at Llandegla Forest (followed by a well-deserved hot chocolate and brownie!) or the occasional shopping trip to IKEA or Cheshire Oaks. I also love to spend time with my family and friends.
My wish is for our classroom to be creative, friendly and filled with happiness!! I can't wait to meet you all and begin working together to achieve all of our dreams and aspirations!

Welcome to Year 5!

Spring Term 1

Our topic this term is: The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings



In topic this term, we will be exploring Anglo-Saxon settlement, life, religion and culture. Identifying the seven kingdoms and their rulers and conducting a historical inquiry – ‘Why was Alfred so Great?’

We will be discovering how the Vikings lived and their settlement. Comparing Vikings beliefs and Anglo-Saxons and learning about the Battle of Hastings leading to the Norman Conquest.



In literacy, we will be reading 'Authur and The Golden Rope' by Joe Stanton.



Imagine a vault so cavernous that it could contain the world’s greatest treasures, from mummified remains of ancient monarchs to glistening swords brandished by legendary warriors.

As we journey to the land of the Vikings a place filled with magical objects, powerful gods and mythical beasts to be conquered.


Mastery Keys

Use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information concisely

Use relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that or an omitted relative pronoun

Link ideas across paragraphs using adverbials

Use commas to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity in writing




In Guided Reading, we will be reading 'Odd and the Frost Giants' by Neil Gaiman.



Odd's luck has been bad so far. He lost his father on a Viking expedition, his foot was crushed beneath a tree, and the winter seems to be going on for ever. But when Odd flees to the woods and releases a trapped bear, his luck begins to change.



Mastery Keys 


 Draw inferences (inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions); justify with evidence.

 Make comparisons within and across books




In Multiplication and Division, we will:

  • identify multiples and factors, including finding all factor pairs of a number, and common factors of 2 numbers
  • know and use the vocabulary of prime numbers, prime factors and composite (non-prime) numbers
  • establish whether a number up to 100 is prime and recall prime numbers up to 19
  • multiply numbers up to 4 digits by a one- or two-digit number using a formal written method
  • multiply and divide numbers mentally, drawing upon known facts
  • divide numbers up to 4 digits by a one-digit number using the formal written method of short division and interpret remainders appropriately for the context
  • recognise and use square numbers and cube numbers, and the notation for squared (²) and cubed (³)
  • solve problems involving all of the above


In Area and Perimeter, we will:

  • Measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes (in cm and m)
  • Calculate and compare the area of rectangles, including squares, in cm2 and m2.
  • Estimate the area of irregular shapes.
  • Use the four operations to solve problems involving measure


In Statistics, we will:

  • Read and interpret line graphs
  • Draw line graphs
  • Use line graphs to solve problems
  • Read and interpret tables, including two-way tables
  • Read and interpret timetables
  • Solve problems involving all of the above



In P.E, this term we will develop fundamental movement skills, balance and coordination. Exploring a variety of different strokes and techniques in tennis, badminton & volleyball as well as develop acceleration & speed.


Year 5 will have P.E and COJOs on Wednesday and Fridays. Please wear your full P.E kit to school on those days and ensure you bring a water bottle to school.


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