Year 5 2020 - 2021

Mrs O'Hara 5RO

Mrs O'Hara 5RO

Hi! I am Mrs O'Hara and I have been teaching at Woodlands for six years now and I am delighted to be a part of the Year 5 team this year.

I am passionate about leading Science across the school and I love to make it fun, engaging and practical for all learners. This year, I am introducing the 'Science Boffins' team and can not wait to have the help from the children to make Science as exciting as it can be.

When I am not in school, I am usually having a coffee in Costa, baking delicious treats or doing some shopping at Cheshire Oaks. I also have three little nephews who keep me busy and I always have a few stories to share about what they have been up to!
I am very excited for this year and cannot wait help you to be the best you can be!

Miss Moore 5IM

Miss Moore 5IM

Hi! I am Miss Moore and I have been at Woodlands Primary School for a year now. Last year, I taught in Year 3, and I can’t wait to be in Year 5 this year!
I am particularly passionate about Maths and Computing, and I enjoy teaching fun and
engaging science lessons. I also love teaching Art and Topic because they can be such
fun and creative subjects. When I am not in school, I enjoy watching live music, going for
long walks and spending time with my friends and family.
I can’t wait to learn more about all of you and discover what you like and enjoy about
I am very excited to be your new teacher in Year 5, and I cannot wait to help you in our
new learning adventure!

Mrs Ellis  5EM

Mrs Ellis 5EM

I am Mrs Ellis and I am very excited to be your Year 5 teacher! Being a teacher is the best job in the world as children are full of energy, questions and fun. I have been teaching at Woodlands Primary School for the past 9 years now and I am very happy to be part of the Year 5 team this year.

I know we will have a lot of fun learning together and there is so much I am already looking forward to! Teaching literacy is my passion. I love to explore new characters and exciting settings in our class to bring books to life so that we are inspired to write with creativity and imagination.

When I am not in school, I enjoy going on family days out with my two young girls, Lucy and Sophie. You’re most likely to find me in my pink wellies chasing my children around Delamere Forest while searching for the Gruffalo, whizzing down a slide at soft play or enjoying a mint chocolate chip ice cream at the Ice Cream Farm.

I truly can’t wait to be your teacher in September and embark on our Year 5 adventure together. I am certain that with effort, hard work, encouragement and self-belief your dreams and aspirations will come true!
Remember, ‘Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before!’
Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Mrs Megginson 5EM

Mrs Megginson 5EM

Welcome to Year 5!

Hi! I am Mrs Megginson and I have been working in Year 4 with Mrs Ellis this year. I have been a teacher at Woodlands for 2 years and I love my job. I will be your teacher on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Outside of school I like to spend time with my family and friends. We love to load up the cars and go off on camping adventures together. This year we will be camping in The Lake District for the first time. I am a big music fan and enjoy going to concerts and festivals. I wish I could play an instrument but unfortunately I can’t yet.

I am thrilled to be part of the Y5 team and we already have lots of exciting ideas and plans in place for you. I know we will have a great year together!
I want our classroom to be a busy, happy place and I can’t wait for our class to get started on a new adventure.

Welcome to Year 5

Summer Term 2

Our topic this half term is...

Through our topic, we will investigate illegal wildlife trade which is the sale or exchange of wild animal and plants that are protected by international trade law.

It can include live animals and plants or a range of products sought after by humans including animal skins, medicines, luxury food, horns or fashion items. They can also be illegally kept as pets.

The animals and plants that tend to be involved in the illegal wildlife trade are often already highly threatened and in danger of extinction.

We will focus on the illegal wildlife trade from South America and compare it to Africa through our literacy text, The Hunter.

In Literacy this half term, we will be reading the thought-provoking text ‘The Hunter’ by Paul Geraghty.

One day, while playing hunters in the hot, dry African bush, Jamina finds a baby elephant whimpering beside its dead mother. As Jamina bravely helps the little orphaned elephant, she vows that she will never be a real hunter...


Our Mastery Targets

• Use relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that or an omitted relative pronoun

• Adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility

• Use a wider range of devices to build cohesion across paragraphs

• Link ideas using tense choices

During Summer 2, we are going to focus on four topics. This seems like a lot of maths, but we will breeze through it!

These will involve:

Properties of Shapes

  • Identify 3-D shapes, including cubes and other cuboids, from 2-D representations.
  • Use the properties of rectangles to deduce related facts and find missing lengths and angles.
  • Distinguish between regular and irregular polygons based on reasoning about equal sides and angles.
  • Know angles are measured in degree.
  • Estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles.
  • Draw given angles, and measure them in degrees.
  • Identify: angles at a point and one whole turn (total 360°), angles at a point on a straight line and ½ a turn (total 180°) other multiples of 90°

Perimeter, Area and Volume

  • Measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes (in cm and m)
  • Calculate and compare the area of rectangles, including squares, in cm2 and m2.
  • Estimate the area of irregular shapes.
  • Explore and compare volume.
  • Estimate volume and capacity using concrete objects (cubes and water).
  • Use the four operations to solve problems involving measure.

Converting Units

  • Convert between different units of metric measure [for example, km and m; cm and m; cm and mm; g and kg; l and ml]
  • Understand and use approximate equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.
  • Solve problems involving converting between units of time.

Position and Direction

  • Know and understand what happens to a shape when it is reflected and translated.
  • Identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation.
  • Understand that a shape does not change after reflection or translation.


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