Year 4 2019 - 2020

Mrs Dutton  4LD

Mrs Dutton 4LD

I have been teaching at Woodlands Primary School since September 2013. I am passionate about teaching all subject, but I really enjoy teaching Literacy, exploring different narratives and writing imaginatively and creatively. This year, I will be working closely with Mrs Liversey to develop literacy across Woodlands. My weekly highlight is singing assembly with KS2. I love bopping along to tunes from 'The Greatest Showman' with KS2. When not in school, I can usually be found running round after my two children, reading them stories or baking yummy treats in the kitchen.
My motto is 'Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars!'

Miss Roberts   4DR

Miss Roberts 4DR

I have been teaching at Woodlands Primary school for two years. I am passionate about teaching all subjects but I particularly enjoy teaching mathematics. I love making the lessons active and enjoyable for the children, allowing them to deepen their mathematical understanding whilst having fun. I also love teaching Religious Education to widen children’s understanding of the world and its various cultures and religions.
When I am not in school, I like to keep myself busy with exercise and going on long countryside walks. I also enjoy travelling to new cities and countries, and spending time with my family and friends. I can’t wait to continue our learning journey together next year and learn even more about everyone’s hopes and dreams. It is going to be a very exciting year!

Welcome to Y4!

Spring Term 1

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This half term, we will be looking at the narrative, 'Zeraffa Giraffa,' by Dianna Hofmeyr. 

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This is the astonishing true story of Zeraffa, a giraffe who was sent as a gift from Egypt to France in 1826. A young boy, Atir, takes care of Zeraffa on her epic journey and the sailors sing songs as she gazes down at them. In France, Atir leads her through the countryside, and thousands of people marvel at Zeraffa. Paris falls in love with Zeraffa. The King builds her a special house in the Jardin des Plantes. On warm nights, the young princess visits, while Atir whispers stories to Zeraffa of a hot land far away. The amazing story by an award-winning author of a giraffe’ s extraordinary voyage from Africa to Paris.

Literacy: Mastery Targets – Spring 1

• Build an increasing range of sentence structures
• In non-narrative material,use simple organisational devices including headings and sub-headings to aid presentation
• Use present and past tenses correctly and consistently including the progressive form and the present perfect form. 

Our on-going targets are:

• Full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks, commas and apostrophes for possession and contraction
• Fronted adverbials with commas
• Some use of grouping related ideas in paragraphs


Shared/Guided Reading....

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This half term, Year 4 will be reading the story, 'Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo We will focus on all aspects of reading; decoding, fluency for reading, retrieval skills, inference and deduction and comprehension. 



During this half term, the children will complete an in-depth study of Ancient Egyptian Civilsation.  Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest and most powerful civilizations in the history of the world. It lasted for over 3000 years from 3150 BC to 30 BC.

By the end of the unit, the children will:

  • be able to place the Ancient Egyptian civilisation on a timeline and compare to other periods of history.
  • Have become an ancient Egyptians – seeing life as it was for them (family life, clothing, make up, food, music, dancing, amulets)
  • have investigate the language and hieroglyphics used during Ancient Egypt times
  • have explored the afterlife and the process of mummification to answer what really happened and what the ancient Egyptians believed happened to them.
  • have examined  the story of Howard Carter and the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, and reported as an budding journalist
  • have looked at work by Hossam Dirar, and explore his ‘empowering woman’ exhibition - which is based around Queen Nefertiti. The children will then create their own paintings using acrylic paints and collage.





Monday 3rd Feb-5th Feb

We are very excited now!!! smiley

Please find our Menai Powerpoint attached to this webpage. If you have any questions concerning our trip in February, please do not hesitate to speak to your class teacher.

Kit lists and provisional timetables to be sent out in our first week back after christmas. 


Dates for your diary... 

  • Wednesday 15th January - 4LD Health Box workshop
  • Thursday 16th January - 4DR Health Box workshop
  • Monday 3rd February - Wednesday 5th February - Menai Residential 
  • Tuesday 11th February - 4LD's class assembly 9.15-10am
  • Friday 14th February - 4DR's class assembly 9.15-10am
  • Group B swimming continued - 07/01/2020/14/01/2020
  • Group C swimming begins on - 21/01/2020 for 8 weeks
  • Weekly visits are contiuing to Hope Farm library on a friday afternoon smiley

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