Year 6 2018-2019

Mr Campbell Class 19

Mr Campbell Class 19

My name is Mr Campbell and I am excited to start my first year at Woodlands Primary School. This will be my fifth year as a teacher (third in Year 6) and I have heard nothing but great things about the children at Woodlands – it’s safe to say I can’t wait to get started.

I am particularly passionate about teaching mathematics and love nothing more than challenging children to raise their aspirations and think outside of the box. I also enjoy teaching PE and Art because they are subjects that allow children who are not so confident in core subjects to really express themselves.

Outside of school, I am a mad Evertonian and have been a season ticket holder since the age of 5. I also enjoy playing football, the occasional spin class and avoiding DIY. Furthermore, I am passionate about music, spending time with loved ones and travelling the world to experience different cultures.

I am proud to be your teacher this year and look forward to: learning more about you, helping you to become the best learner you can possibly be and most importantly helping you to enjoy your final year at this amazing school.

Miss Tyrer Class 20

Miss Tyrer Class 20

Welcome to Class 20; your final year at Woodlands Primary School.

I am Miss Tyrer, and I am delighted to be entering my 3rd year of teaching at Woodlands Primary School. I cannot wait to spend another year as part of such an exciting and creative school, and I am thrilled to be returning to teaching in Year 6.

I have a real passion for teaching History as it was one of my favourite subject at school. For this reason, I am very excited to be part of the History team this year. I also love teaching Maths – especially developing problem solving and reasoning skills in the classroom.

When I am not in school, I enjoy going to concerts, going climbing and spending time with my friends and family. At home, I am usually watching the football because I am a huge fan of the game.

I believe that in order to succeed, it is vital to work as a team and support one another as we face the new and exciting challenges of Year 6. We will share our dreams and aspirations, show respect to one another, and we won’t forget to have fun along the way.

Mr Matthew Class 21

Mr Matthew Class 21

This is my first year at Woodlands and I have been looking forward to working with all the children, staff and parents. I have a particular love of teaching maths and P.E. and particularly enjoy seeing children reach their full potential.

Outside of school, I am very sporty and enjoy both playing and watching football. I am an avid Liverpool supporter and follow them very closely. I also really enjoy watching films and TV series on Netflix.

In Class 21, our focus will be on working together at all times and supporting each other as much as we possibly can. Year 6 will be full of many exciting challenges and I am looking forward to tackling them head on, while also having a great time doing it.

Year 6!          

Our topic for the Summer is based the History of Chester Zoo!

Back at the turn of the twentieth century, a boy named George Mottershead was taken to a zoo in Manchester. What George saw that day inspired him to do something different.

Determinedly he told his father: ‘When I have a zoo, it won’t have any bars.'

George never forgot that day, or the vow he made. In 1930, now grown up and with a family, he bought Oakfield house and seven acres of land for £3,500. And with him, he brought a group of animals from a zoo at Shavington, near Crewe... the first animals of Chester Zoo.


In Summer Term, our focus keys will be:

Mastery Keys

• To use dialogue to convey character and advance action
• To use tense consistently and correctly and use the perfect form of verbs
• To use a wide range of cohesive devices within and between paragraphs




In Summer 1, we will be focusing on:

Angles and Properties of Shapes 

•Draw 2-D shapes using given dimensions and angles

•Recognise, describe and build simple 3-D shapes, including making nets

•Compare and classify geometric shapes based on their properties and sizes and find unknown angles in any triangles, quadrilaterals, and regular polygons

•Illustrate and name parts of circles, including radius, diameter and circumference and know that the diameter is twice the radius

•Recognise angles where they meet at a point, are on a straight line, or are vertically opposite, and find missing angles


•Interpret and construct pie charts and line graphs and use these to solve problems

•Calculate and interpret the mean as an average

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We have recently launched ROCKSTARS maths to help children with their timetables. So far, the children have really enjoyed watching their ROCK STATUS grow and challenging other classes. Every child in the year has been given their own username and password. This term, it is really important that all children have a firm understanding of mental multiplication and division and it would really help to encourage this at home. 


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We have recently launched SPELLING SHED to help children with their spellings at home and in school. So far, the children have really enjoyed looking out for their name on the school top scorer table and look forward to the certificates coming around each Friday. 

Every child in the year has been given their own username and password. If your child doesn't know theirs, please ask their teacher and they will be able to let you know. 




Please make sure that you bring the following items in your P.E kits:

A white t-shirt, black shorts, pumps and socks!

You will also need plain, dark coloured jogging bottoms,  a jumper or hoody and outdoor trainers, as our wonderful weather can be very unpredictable!

Please make sure all items are clearly labelled in a named sports bag to help children look after their clothes. 

PE for Y6 will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Try to be punctual and start the day the right way as classroom doors open at 8:40.      



All homework will be given out on Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday. 

Maths and Literacy

Each week, you will receive maths and literacy homework based on current learning. If you struggle or need help with any of the work given please seek your teacher for advice prior to the due date. 


At least once a week in school, you will read with an adult in guided reading sessions. At home, we encourage you to read a further three times a week. Reading is extremely important for developing an extensive vocabulary, which in turn will contribute greatly to the understanding of what you read.

Times Tables 

All children must know all times tables up to twelve by the end of the year, which we will also learn and check in class.


For each child, there will also be set spellings to be learnt each week. These will be set on the 'Spelling Shed' app. 


When we begin a new topic, you will have the opportunity to research this subject before it has begun so you are ready for your learning. 

Some websites to help you at home:




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