Reception 2020 - 2021



Hello! I am Mrs Ahmad and this will be my first year teaching at Woodlands Primary School. I enjoy teaching all the subjects but have a true passion for learning in the outdoors.
When I am not in school, you can find me on fun filled days out with my family. We usually end up walking in North Wales or taking part in outdoor adventure sports. We enjoy climbing, bouldering, gorge walking and mountain biking. We also love camping, running, exploring mountains and especially having a BBQ by a lovely lake.



I have enjoyed teaching at Woodlands for 19 years. I love the supporting community around our school and I have been privileged to work with so many wonderful children and families during my time here! I am passionate about the Early Years and giving each child the very best start to their school life!
In my spare time I enjoy running, baking and spending time with my family. I also like going back to Sweden, where I grew up, to visit family and friends.

Miss Edwards  OWLS

Miss Edwards OWLS

Hello! I am Miss Edwards and this is my second year teaching at Woodlands Primary School.
I am passionate about teaching all subjects, but I really enjoy teaching Literacy and PE. I love making lessons fun, creative and enjoyable.
When I am not in school, I am found being kept very busy in my hometown, across the border in Wales, with my little boy, Tomi. I am a devoted mother and enjoy spending time with my fiancé and our families, making lots of memories on weekend trips and days out.


A very warm welcome to Reception!

The children are very lucky to work alongside a team of experienced professionals who move between the spaces and provide lots of opportunities to have fun, explore and learn.

In Hedgehogs there are Mrs Ahmad (class teacher), Miss McLellan (teaching assistant) and Mrs Griffiths (teaching assistant) 

Owls has Miss Edwards (class teacher), Miss McLellan (teaching assistant) and Mrs Kennah (teaching assistant) 

Badgers have Mrs Webster (class teacher), Mrs Plage (teaching assistant), Mrs Thompson (teaching assistant) and Miss Horgan (teaching assistant) 

Click the links below to meet the staff in Reception and to see our EYFS department: - EYFS Tour Video (Foxes, Owls, Hedgehogs and Badgers)

Polite requests:

Please send your child with a labelled book bag and water bottle (water only). We request a book bag only, due to restricted space in our cloakrooms. Please provide your child with spare clothes, in their book bag every day until the foreseeable future. 

Please label ALL of your child's belongings.

We encourage home/school communication, however due to COVID we will be unable to discuss matters verbally at the door, we would be grateful if you could email any information regarding your child to the school office.

Please inform of any changes in advance of the adult that will be collecting at the end of the day (Children under the age of 16, will not be permitted to collect a child). 

The outdoor environment is set up prior to arrival, please do not allow you child to play on the equipment.

As part of their curriculum, the children are encouraged to access outdoors, exploring and learning about the environment. We like to take the children outside whether it's sunny, rainy, windy or snowy. Having a coat in school will facilitate this. 

Please encourage independence with health and self-care, including dressing and toileting.

 We value your contributions to your child's learning journal. Each class has an E-mail address (see below) to allow you to send us pictures of your children doing things at home. We can then add these to your child’s profile and learning journey.


Read Write Inc.

We use the Read, Write, Inc phonic programme for teaching reading. Your child is assessed every 6 weeks to ensure they are in the correct group. Children will take part in the sessions in small groups as they learn their sounds.  

Click on the link to check the way that each sound is pronounced.



Summer Term 


A warm welcome back for the final half term. We hope that you have had a restful and well deserved break.

This half term our new topic will be ‘Superheroes’ which we are so excited about.

We will use this topic to develop the skills across the curriculum.



Our literacy focus will be linked to the story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

Meet Supertato!

The supermarket superhero with eyes everywhere! Whenever the chips are down in the vegetable section he’s there to save the day. But now there’s a pea on the loose. A very, very naughty pea. Has Supertato finally met his match?


Supertato cover page.png


Literacy Mastery Targets for Summer 2:

Write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others (applying taught phonic sounds)

Spell some common irregular words

Write phonetically plausible words

Have an awareness of a capital letter and full stop when writing a simple sentence.



Number - This half term we will work with the Children to reinforce counting reliably with numbers from one to 20 and beyond, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number. We will be thinking about using quantities and objects to add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. The children will also have opportunities to solve problems including doubling, halving and sharing.


Shape – The Children will be encouraged to use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems. They will also be given opportunities to explore the characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and encouraged to use mathematical language to describe them.

We will continue with a daily input of our Phonics sessions (RWI).

Please note a change for our P.E. and Commando Joe’s. This will now take place every Monday.







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