Year 3 2019 - 2020

Mr Barnes    3PB

Mr Barnes 3PB

Mr Barnes has been working at the school for 13 years. He is part of a fantastic Y3 team and is in charge of overseeing the whole school curriculum. In his spare time he enjoys going to Old Trafford to watch the football and spending time with his family. He also loves running, reading and cycling.

Miss Skillen 3ES

Miss Skillen 3ES

Hi! I am Miss Skillen and this is my second year teaching at Woodlands School. I am particularly passionate about Science and I enjoy teaching lessons through drama. I also love teaching Art and DT because I like painting, sketching and making models. When I am not in school, I enjoy watching musicals and going to exercise classes. My favourite musical is ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Miss Gittins  3MB

Miss Gittins 3MB

Hi! I am Miss Gittins and last year I worked across the school, supporting different classes and getting to know lots of our lovely children. Before working at Woodlands Primary, I worked in Highgate, London for three years as a Year 2 Class Teacher. I was also Geography Lead for the school and head of the Eco-Team.
I am passionate about science and geography as I love practical learning and learning outdoors. I also love teaching literacy, especially when writing creative stories and inventing different characters and settings.
When I am not in school, I enjoy walking my dog, Monty and cooking new meals for my friends and family. When I’m not walking Monty or cooking, you might find me curled up with a book, as I love reading!

Welcome to Y3!

Spring Term 2

A warm welcome back to the children in Year 3. We are really looking forward to an exciting half term ahead. The Year 3 team are excited to continue our learning journey and hope you had a fantastic spring half term holiday.


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In Literacy this half term, we will be using a beautiful book called 'Big Blue Whale', by Nicola Davies, as a starting point for our topic work. The book is visually stunning and the books takes the reader on an adventure of the life of a blue whale. It is a fantastic book and perfect for learning about the plight of different animals. The book has lots of wonderful information about blue whales and the illustrations are just stunning.

Literacy: Mastery Targets  

  • Use adverbs to express time, place and cause
  • Build an increasing range of sentence structures
  • Use headings and sub-headings to aid presentation
  • Assess the effectiveness of own and others' writing

In Science this half term, we will be learning about animals, including humans. The children will be learning to identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amounts of nutrition. They will learn that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.  


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In Maths, the children will continue developing their problem solving and reasoning strategies. They will be learning about money, statistics and measurement. The children will also be learning about fractions.The children need to also continue reciting their times tables for 3, 4, 8. 


 By using the fantastic text 'Big Blue Whale' as a starting point, the children will continue to develop their geographical knowledge and skills. They will be studying the seven oceans that make up the ‘World Ocean’. The children, using maps, atlases and ‘Google Maps’ will locate different countries from around the globe. They will continue to develop their understanding of geographical similarities and differences between these countries and compare the different climates.

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