Year 2 2018-2019

Mr Barnes    Class 7

Mr Barnes Class 7

Mr Barnes has been working at the school for 11 years. He is part of the Maths Team and is the Art Co-ordinator. In his spare time he enjoys going to Old Trafford to watch the football and spending time with his family. He also loves running, reading and cycling.

Miss Skillen Class 8

Miss Skillen Class 8

Hi! I am Miss Skillen and this is my first year teaching at Woodlands School. I am particularly passionate about Science and I enjoy teaching lessons through drama. I also love teaching Art and DT because I like painting, sketching and making models. When I am not in school, I enjoy watching musicals and going to exercise classes. My favourite musical is ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Mrs Williams  Class 9

Mrs Williams Class 9

Hello, I am Mrs Williams. I have worked at Woodlands for 12 years, this will be my 13th year this year! I have worked across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 before coming into the Nursery 2 years ago. I am extremely passionate about Early Years Education and believe that firm foundations and learning through play are the keys to instilling a life long love of learning in our youngest children.
I have 2 daughters aged 6 and 2 who constantly keep me busy! We love to spend time together as a family exploring in the Woods, going to the park or the beach or simply visiting Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. We also love reading, crafty activities (who doesn't love a bit of glitter?) and going shopping!

Welcome to Year 2!

'The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. The importantthing is to not stop questioning.'

Albert Einstein

A warm welcome back to the children in Year 2. We are really looking forward to an exciting term ahead. Summer is a wonderful time of the year and the Year 2 team are excited to continue our learning journey. 

Our work on the Arctic and Antarctica in spring term 2, was a fantastic way for the children to not only learn about different habitats and parts of the world but also, the impact that global warming is having on our environment. This is especially true about polar bears and the dangers they are facing as a result of warmer temperatures. The children loved the book 'Lost and Found' and it was a fantastic stimulus for the work we did during the half term.

In Literacy this term we will be using a book called  'The Last Wolf ', by Mini Grey, as a starting point for our topic work. The story is a modern day twist on 'Little Red Riding Hood' and explores the destruction of beautiful, endless miles of forest and the impact it has on the animals who live in the forests. Little Red puts on her hunting hat and boots, packs a lunch and sets off in search of a wolf. Mum warns her that she will be lucky to catch one. "There hasn't been a wolf around here for at least a hundred years" mum tells Little Red. As Little Red goes    "a- stalking" through the forest, she find the forest is full of litter, tree stumps and very little else. Eventually she trips over a twisted tree stump and lands on a door. Little Red bravely knocks on the door and it is opened by ... " the Last Wolf in the land."  It is a beautiful story and covers some of the issues facing the world we live in. One of the Literacy tasks the children will be working on during the unit of work, is how to write persuasive letters asking for the trees to be saved.    

In Science we will be learning about the different types of food chains. We will be concentrating on plants and what they need to not only grow but also, how to stay healthy. The work we do in Science will link to the story 'The Last Wolf' and how important it is that we look after plants and animals.

In Maths the children will continue developing their number, problem solving and reasoning strategies. They will also be learning about the properties 3D shapes, Measurement, including Height and Length and Time plus Position and Direction.

As part of our work this summer half term, we will be learning about endangered species and the changes to our environment, both good and bad. The children will continue to have opportunities to further develop their painting and drawing techniques. They will look at the work of famous artists and talk about their own work. The children will continue to use a variety of artistic materials, including inks and oil pastels.

During the summer term, we will continue to teach Read Write Inc. to develop the children’s reading skills as they learn their sounds, segmenting and blending whilst also developing their comprehension skills. If you would like to help your child to practise their phonic knowledge for reading at home, then click on the link below for a short video…

Please continue to help your child to practise their Maths with you at home with a particular focus on the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Below is a place value game that you can try at home - ‘Place the Penguin’ - using the following link…

There are such a variety of useful resources on the internet for teaching counting, shapes, measure and so on – all disguised as games! Here are some further links if you would like to help your child to practise at home...


Some apps for tablet computers are:

King of maths, Doodle maths, Monster math, Conundra math and Penguin jump maths!



P.E Information!

Please make sure that you bring the following items in your P.E kits:


Indoor kit: a white t-shirt, black shorts, pumps and socks!

Outdoor kit: You will need plain, dark coloured jogging bottoms, a jumper or hoody and outdoor trainers, as our wonderful weather can be very unpredictable!

Please make sure all items are clearly labelled in a named sports bag to help children look after their clothes. 

Y2 Class 7 & 8 will be having PE on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Y2 Class 9 will be having PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.



We are full of enthusiasm for the term ahead and we are really excited about working with your amazing children! We continue to look forward to all of the fantastic learning opportunities that this will bring and we thank you for your continued support.






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