Launched in September 2018, we operate ‘House Teams' across school. All children are allocated a house team with siblings being placed together in the same House. All staff inschool are also allocated a House team.


  • Helps transition, as they have people in their team who are older
  • Links to school positive behaviour policy based on character education
  • Cultural awareness
  • Opportunity to explore the morals and qualities that motivated our House Team figures
  • Promotes friendly competition
  • Opportunity to display school spirit and ‘House’ pride as they work together to achieve a common goal. With the mixed age ranges, older students are available to assist younger students
  • House Captain and Vice-Captain roles for Y6 and Y2. Children vote for them

How will it work?

  • Children will be awarded House Points in and around school for following our whole school positive behaviour policy - being ready, respectful and safe
  • Up to 5 house points given out as one reward. 
  • Each week the class total their house points and these will be collected and shared across school
  • At the end of each term the team with the most house points recieve a reward
  • Each team has a colour linked and this is used on sports day and any other inter- sports events

Woodlands House Teams

Stephen Hawking


Rosa Parks




Tim Peake


Marie Curie


Ade Adepitan


What will happen each year?

  • Teachers will focus on our chosed inspirational figures through assemblies and class discussions.
  • Images of our chsoen inspirational people will be displayed in both KS1 and KS2 halls
  • Staff and Governors will sign up to be in a team
  • Once the values of the inspirational individuals have been identified and discussed in classes, children will earn house points linked to our school positive beahviour system