Home Learning Tasks - 29.6.20 

For our final topic uploaded, we have added some fun art, DT and science activities that you may wish to complete over the next 3 weeks whilst you are at home. We hope you enjoy them Year 6 smiley!

Alternatively, or additionally, you may wish to use the fantastic activities on the Oak National Academy website by following the link below:

There are lots of fun interactive lessons and activities on the website for many of the foundation subjects!


Home Learning Tasks - 15.6.20

Our topic for Summer 2 is Explorers! We would have been reading a fantastic book called 'Sky Chasers' which is a historical fiction text linked to a pair of famous inventors: the Montgolfier brothers! You should now know a little bit more about what they are famous for!

Over the next two weeks, there are 5 topic tasks (6 including a bonus activity on task 4!) for you to complete linked to our topic, starting with a look into the country where Sky Chasers is set: France. For each task, please read through the pdf introduction before completing the task. Some tasks have additional activity sheets or templates; this is all explained in the introduction pdf.

Please complete the tasks in order, beginning with the ‘15.6.20 Task 1 - Introduction’ pdf.

Some of the tasks may take you more than one hour to do neatly and to the highest possible standard - please do not rush them!


Files to Download