Home Learning Tasks - (29/06/2020)

The Y6 team have added new maths powerpoints and worksheets for you to choose from over the next three weeks relating to additon, subtraction, multiplication and division. They are all labelled 29.06.20 - NEW. The power points follow a similar style to our normal lesson - starting with a fluent in 5 - a lesson starter - fluency and a problem or investigation. 

Note: The work previously set will be removed to make new learning clear. Please download the relevant answer sheet at the same time as the worksheet. 

An excellent alternative to these activities are the online learning activities provided by White Rose Maths Hub. Woodlands already teach from the White Rose Scheme of Learning, so the children are very familiar with the question styles. Each week, they will upload different video tutorials revising a maths concept.  

Follow the link below to access these resources:



Files to Download