Topic (added on 01.06.2020) - 'The Natural World'

Tidal Wave of Global Liquidity Sets Up Markets for Eventual Crash ...

In this unit of work, we will build on our prior knowledge of physical geography from our previous study of volcanoes in Year 3.  At the end of the unit, you will be able to tell you where earthquakes and tsunamis occur, explain why earthquakes, tsunamis and tidal waves happen, provide instructions of how to keep safe during an earthquake and investigate and compare strength of earthquakes.

To get started, there are some activities uploaded which; 

- recap the structure of the Earth 

- explain what tectonic plates are, where they can be found and outline what impact these have on our Earth 

- highlight some key vocabulary which we will use in this topic. You may wish to research what they mean

- outlines an art project focusing on Hokusai's image entitled 'The great wave off Kanagawa' 

There is a document called 'Earthwuake activities' which gives you lots of ideas for mini projects to kick start this topic. Some activities to recap volcanoes as these are a huge part of our 'Natural World.' 

Remember any work that you complete, Mrs Dutton and Miss Roberts would love to celebrate so please email or tweet us! We are so very proud of each and every year 4 child! Stay Safe and keep working hard :o)

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