Topic (added 15.06.20) - 'Earthquakes'

There are lots of activities uploaded with a focus on Earthquakes this fortnight. 

- Firstly, using the 'design an earthquake proof building,' have a go at designing a building to withstand the deadliest of tremors. Consider the key design points raised in the PowerPoint before beginning your design. When you have finished, you could test it out like this;

- Next, we have uploaded some 'top trumps' style cards. There are instructions too. Can you play this with someone at home? Can you order these earthquakes in order of their richter scale rank or magnitude?

- We have set you answer art challenge using the seismic wave patterns created by earthquakes. We can't wait to see your artistic interpretations of these. 

Topic (added 29.06.2020) - Tsunamis

Image result for clip art tsunami

On the right hand side, there are some tasks for you to try over the next 3 weeks. These include making a Tsunami following picture instructions. Once you have completed this, you could have a go at writing a set of detailed insturtcions to explain to a friend how they would re-create this. Could you evaluate your own? What would you do differently if you repeated the task?

Using your senses grid, can you also create an acrostic poem using the word Tsunami? Consider the impact of short, sharp sentences to create impact. 


Here is Mrs Dutton's - see what you think...

Tsunami means “Harbour wave” in Japanese

Some tsunamis can reach 100ft tall (10 stories)

Underwater earthquakes and landslides can cause tsunamis

Numerous waves slow down, but get bigger in shallow water                                                

After waves hit, there is a lot of destruction 

May travel at 500 mph. (as fast as a jet plane)

If you are caught in a tsunami, get to higher land and remember they always go back to the ocean

Also uploaded, there are some links of how to draw some natural disasters e.g. earthquakes, volcanoes etc. 

Finally, there is a be kind to your mind activity list. You are the most important thing! Have a go at some of the activities attached and see what you think. 

Remember any work that you complete, Mrs Dutton and Miss Roberts would love to celebrate so please email or tweet us! We are so very proud of each and every year 4 child! Stay Safe and keep working hard :o)


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