Home Learning Tasks - 7 (15/06/2020)

We have set some work identifying, comparing and ordering angles.

TT Rockstars:

4DR: Well done team, you have beat both 6PB and 5EM by A LOT of points!!

4LD: It was close, but you have sadly lost out to 6LT and 5RO this week.

This time, we will be looking at individual scores and awarding the quickest and most accurate. The winners will receive a shout out on our class page.

Home Learning Tasks - 8 (29/06/2020)

More activities as part of our 'shape' unit have now been added. As we are now at the end of our summer term, we have included some revision booklets and end of year quizzes for you to complete. There are also some fun and creative maths activities for you to try at home.

TT Rockstars

4DR: Congratulations to MR who has a current speed of an amazing 1.08 seconds, and to MF who is our most accurate player, answering correctly 99% of the time. Wow!!

4LD: Congratulations to LS who has a current fast speed of 1.39 seconds, and to JT who has an accuracy of 98%. Amazing!!

Please continue to practise your times tables over the summer. Can you knock our current quickest and most accurate of their top spots?!

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