Pupil Parliament


Here at Woodlands Primary School our Pupil Parliament is represented by 2 pupils per class from Year 2 through to Year 6.

We meet every half term with Miss Moore to discuss important issues raised within school and make a real difference to our school community. Our job is to represent the views and opinions of the children in our school. We believe that it is pivotal that children have an active voice in how their school is run

Last year, we created exciting outdoor projects for children at Woodlands to complete, as well as meeting with our local MP to discuss his role in the wider community.


Each child that represents their class also has a responsibility for a subject and collecting the views of their peers on each of these subjects.

We are also responsible for counting up the number of house points each class collects over the course of the week, and we announce these in assembly every week! It really is the highlight of our year to see which house will receive an invite to the winner's tea party in Summer term.

Year 2:

2LW - Connor and Matthew

2SV - Hallie and Jamie


Year 3:

3PB – Isla and Ella

3ES – Owen and Betsy

3MG - Rhys and Jessica


Year 4:

4LD - Florence and Amelia

4DR - Owen and Issy


Year 5:

5EM – Nyla and Alex 

5RO – Zac and Ava

5IM – Hannah and Zachary


Year 6:

6LT – Nieve and Bethany

6PB – Will and Beth