Pupil Parliament


Here at Woodlands Primary School our Pupil Parliament is represented by 2 pupils per class.

We meet every Tuesday and Wednesday during Singing Assembly with Mr Matthew and Miss Moore, as well as meeting once per half term with our KS1 representatives.

Our job is to represent the views and opinions of the children in our school. We believe that it is pivotal that children have an active voice in how their school is run.


Each child, both in the Year 3/4 and the Year 5/6 groups, has responsibility for a subject and collecting the views of their peers on each of these subjects.

Please find a list below of who represents each class!

Class 7 – Ella R and Isla C

Class 8 – Freya B and Seth K-J

Class 9 – Jacob R and Macy T

Class 10 – Finn K and Annabelle W

Class 11 – Mason R and Alfie H

Class 12 – Zachary D and Imogen T

Class 13 – Alfie B and Charlie O

Class 14 – Max M and Lucy H

Class 15 – Joshua N and Orla F

Class 16 – Amelie P and Luke N

Class 17 - Frankie D and Oliver M

Class 18 – Alfie D and Ella T

Class 19 – Phoebe P and Riley J

Class 20 – Amelia T and James C

Class 21 – Kaia R and Abigail H