Investors in Pupils

Investors in Pupils at Woodlands Primary School

The Investors in Pupil award is designed to formalise systems and procedures which help to develop pupil participation at all levels. It helps to empower our children even more by involving them in the decision making process and   develop progress in five key areas: learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction.

Whilst we recognise that we already have many of the important features embedded in our ethos, we know that we can improve further. We would particularly like to involve the pupils more in the running of the school, by improving their understanding of how our school works and the roles of the adults within it. We feel this will further improve relationships across the school at all levels.

Equally, it helps to ensure that our children understand how every member of our staff team contributes effectively to our school community. It also allows the children to understand our school budget and how we spend it. Consequently, giving the children a greater appreciation of how much things cost.  Monitoring attendance is another area which has been developed to encourage good attendance.

'Investors in Pupils' is about children taking control of their learning. They find out about the resources in school, including people who support them, and they develop an awareness of their own role. They work on their behaviour and learning through independent and class targets. A lot of the work takes place in assemblies and PHSCE.


How does it help our children?

Investors in Pupils helps all our children in many ways- it helps them to know:

  • How they can contribute towards their own learning
  • Who helps them to learn
  • The roles and responsibilities of everyone at Woodlands
  • That they never stop learning
  • Why they need to come to school
  • About finance and budgeting
  • Who our governors are and what they do
  • How to look after new people in our school
  • How we all learn in different ways
  • The benefits of making good choices
  • How important they are to their class and school

We believe that taking part in the programme helps our children achieve high standards in their education and equips them with important life skills.


The five areas of Investors in Pupils:

  • Classroom management: A target relating to the routines and organisation of their classroom is decided each half term through discussions between the children and their teachers. The children are encouraged to play their part in making the classroom a pleasant and safe place in which to work.
  • Learning: With the help of their teachers, the children set new targets for their learning each half term. This is further evident in the children’s books, which show peer, self and teacher targets and next steps.
  • Behaviour: Through our Good to be Green behaviour policy, the children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour in their lessons and around the school. They work together to make the school pleasant for all involved.
  • Attendance: The children are aware that good attendance means good achievement. We also have several initiatives to promote good attendance.
  • Induction: At Woodlands, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming place to visit, and on providing a secure environment for all. The children set targets for looking after new people in school, whether they be staff or children.


We have shared the below PowerPoint with the children, which evidences these five key areas.

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